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Business Owners

Most Successful Business Owners Have a Problem


They Have a Business Plan, but....

Successful business owners – and we include family businesses, physician and dental practices, car washes and farmers, to name a few – have a business plan or they probably would not be successful. But most of those same owners do not have a business succession or exit plan. It is estimated that only 20% of business owners have a business succession or exit plan1. This is a problem that will likely prevent them from getting out of their business with the most money, paying the least taxes and maintaining control until they wish to relinquish it. This is a big problem for most business owners who have 80% or more of their net worth tied up in the business!2

Converting Business Equity to Personal Wealth


Bruce Graev Financial Associates provides strategies to help owners of small businesses protect and "preserve" the wealth they have built-up in their companies. We do so by helping owners create sound business succession and exit strategies; strategies designed to help them maximize the value they will receive when they leave their business by helping to minimizing tax consequences in a manner that is prudent and affordable to the future owner.

Whether you are planning to sell to a third party, transfer your business to a family member, an employee or management team, establish an ESOP—or even if you have not yet considered your options— we are a team of professionals uniquely prepared to help you:

  • Assess the pros and cons of the various business succession and exit strategies available
  • Recommend strategies to help minimize the tax consequences of buy-sell agreements
  • Develop custom-tailored financial strategies that illustrate how you can convert the equity in your business into personal wealth

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2 "Why You Should Start Preparing Your Ultimate Exit Strategy Now", J.D.Roth, Entrepreneur Magazine, (September 2013). 

Business Owners Never Plan to Make Mistakes

  • As a business owner, you’re focused on running your business. Every day brings new challenges, opportunities and decisions. There are six common mistakes that consistently cause business owners to lose business focus and opportunities. You need to know what they are and how to avoid them.

    At Bruce Graev Financial Associates we present workshops that can help you learn from the mistakes of others, and you will experience it all in a concise, interactive, video format. No slides, charts or graphs.

    We listen to you and focus on key strategies and help you take action steps to help you work towards real and sustainable wealth. We are prepared to help you avoid mistakes and make smart money decisions in each and every phase of your business.

    Planning for Each Business Phase

    Through Financial Check-ups and financial analysis we call Working Sessions, we seek to help you make smart money decisions in order to pursue the goals and objectives you said were important to you. We define smart money decisions as those most likely to achieve real and sustainable wealth. This is not an arbitrary standard. We define real wealth as wealth after taxes and sustainable wealth as wealth that can withstand negative market and other adverse economic forces.

    Check our Home Page for our scheduled workshops that explore common mistakes that business owners should avoid, which could damage their business and impair their ultimate success.