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Crash Course


What do I need to consider?


Business owners need to consider several important questions and seek answers as early in their business careers as possible:

  1. What is my “life plan” after my business career has ended?
  2. Do I ever want to really retire and yield control of my business, or do I seek liquidity?
  3. How do I protect by business and my family if anything happens to me or my key employees?
  4. How do I maximize the value of my business before sale?
  5. Who will run the business after me?
  6. What are the mechanics of an effective, tax-efficient transition?
  7. How do I extract maximum value from my business after so many years of hard work?

I Want an Exit Plan – Where do I Start?

To help you answer your questions, we co-authored a book, Get Out Alive!, as a crash-course in business succession and exit planning.  Our book will walk you through the seven steps to a successful conversion of business equity to personal wealth

  1. Determine Exit Objectives
  2. Establish Value
  3. Protect Against the Unexpected
  4. Make the Business more Valuable
  5. Select Exit Strategy Model
  6. Create Wealth Preservation Plan
  7. Build Estate and Legacy Plan


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You can order your copy of the book and find other helpful resources under the Succession Planning Resources tab.