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Medical Professionals

Physicians Never Plan to Make Mistakes

As medical professionals, you’re focused on treating patients. Every day brings new challenges, opportunities and decisions. There are six common mistakes that consistently cause medical professionals to lose focus and opportunities for the growth of their practice. You need to know what they are and how to avoid them!

At Bruce Graev Financial Associates we present workshops that can help you learn from the mistakes of others, and you will experience it all in a concise, interactive, video format. No slides, charts or graphs.

We listen to you and focus on key strategies and help you take action steps to help you achieve real and sustainable wealth. In our experience, most of our medical professional clients ask us to focus on the following issues:

Our Focus

  • Asset Protection Strategies
  • Tax-efficient Strategies
  • Retirement Planning
  • Practice Succession

Through Financial Check-ups and financial analysis we call Working Sessions, we seek to help you make smart money decisions in order to achieve the goals and objectives you said were important to you. We define smart money decisions as those most likely to achieve real and sustainable wealth. This is not an arbitrary standard. We define real wealth as wealth after taxes and sustainable wealth as wealth that can withstand negative market and other adverse economic forces.